Kyrsten Sinema

Stand with Kyrsten

Listening to and standing up for Arizona families

Kyrsten believes that no person who is willing to work full time should have to live in poverty, that’s why she supports an increase in the minimum wage. She also supported the No Budget No Pay Act because Congress should not get paid unless they do their job and pass a budget. She has fought to protect Medicare and Social Security so that we keep our promises to seniors and allow them to retire with dignity.

Kyrsten knows that too many Arizona families have yet to see any real economic recovery. Too many homeowners are still underwater and unable to refinance. Too many people are still looking for quality jobs. And too many kids are worried about their next meal. Kyrsten is committed to fighting for an economy that ensures everyone can achieve the American Dream. She has also built a constituent services operation in her Phoenix office that serves individuals and families in need every day.

That’s SONY DSCwhy she is a co-sponsor of legislation to raise the federal minimum wage to $10.10 an hour. She also has vocally opposed cuts to Medicare and Social Security, speaking out against President Obama’s “Chained CPI” proposal in 2013. Kyrsten has also voted against efforts to weaken the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau.

Kyrsten Sinema for Congress