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Volunteer of the Week: Carol

July 5, 2014

“I support Kyrsten Sinema because she is a strong supporter of women’s issues and senior’s Social Security and Medicare.”

Volunteer of the Week: Carol

Sinema Receives Endorsement of Chandler Chamber of Commerce

June 26, 2014

Phoenix, AZ – The Chandler Chamber of Commerce has endorsed Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema in her re-election bid in Arizona’s Congressional District 9.

“As leaders of the Chandler business community, we know how important it is to have a representative in Congress who understands what businesses need to succeed,” says Terri Kimble, CEO of the Chandler Chamber of Commerce. “Congresswoman Sinema is a proven advocate for Chandler business and is working every day to help expand and grow our economy. The chamber is proud to offer her our full support.”

“I am proud to have the support of the Chandler Chamber of Commerce and business community. I work directly with businesses in our district and listen to their concerns. I understand the challenges and opportunities that business owners face in today’s economy,” stated Sinema. “I look forward to working with the chamber to help businesses in Chandler and across our district grow, create high-paying jobs, and expand our economy.”

Sinema is a strong supporter of pro-business policies that help Arizona families. She works with members of both parties and has taken tough votes to protect Arizona jobs, hold the Administration accountable and solve problems for businesses in our district. To read more about her plan to foster economic development in Arizona, please visit her website

Not Another Broken Promise

June 23, 2014


This is getting ridiculous.

In the almost two years since I was elected, I have been fighting non-stop alongside my colleagues to keep America’s promise of Medicare. But despite our best efforts, the Republican House majority continues to try and break our promise by cutting funding for Medicare and raising the amount of out-of-pocket expenses seniors will pay by more than $6,000 annually.

It’s unacceptable. But to make sure we NEVER abandon our promise to seniors, I need you to stand with me and my colleagues today to say loud and clear: hands off Medicare!

Add your name and tell Congress: Protect Medicare! Read More >

Volunteer of the Week: Margaret

June 21, 2014

“Kyrsten is dedicated to serving all of the people of Arizona, not just the upper class. She is willing to listen to all views and keep an open mind. She is what this state and country needs!”


Margaret Volunteer of the Week 20140621

Volunteer of the week: Sam and Izzy

June 6, 2014

“I support Congresswoman Sinema because she is authentic. She really cares about people – all people – and is working hard to help Arizona.”