Kyrsten Sinema

Stand with Kyrsten

My heels

This afternoon my campaign manager texted me to say that my opponent had spent another $25,000 to air his ugly TV attack on me.

You must have seen it — the ad that calls me a socialist and makes fun of me for carrying a purse and wearing heels. When I am up against this kind of disrespect, I don’t quit. I dig in those heels and fight right back.

If you want to dig in at my side, please donate $50, $100, or $125 today.

We can win this thing, but we need to fight back against these sexist attacks.

Women make up 17% of Congress today. If we let ads like this one go unanswered, that might never change. But we can change it — by contributing $50, $100 or $125 today.

Please stand with me for 5 more days.

Thanks for being with me,

Kyrsten Sinema for Congress