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POLLING UPDATE: It’s a Dead Heat

The first public polling has emerged in the AZ09 Democratic primary, and according to a report published by the Arizona Capitol Times, it’s a dead heat.

But better than that, we are ahead! The report describes “Sinema leading the pack with 37.9 percent, Schapira trailing closely with 36 percent and Cherny bringing up the rear with a dismal 8.4 percent, with 17.7 percent undecided.”

Can we count on you to contribute $37.90 today to help us build on this momentum?

The report also noted that Kyrsten Sinema has “an overwhelming ‘favorable’ rating, 84-9.”

And you know what that means. It means that the third place candidate will now suffer the temptation to dig deep into his bag of dirty tricks to throw more mud at Kyrsten, so he can try to get ahead.

We know that our third-place opponent recently did a poll of his own because our own campaign staff received the poll call. Predictably, it was full of false, negative attacks on Kyrsten. When he ran for office in California, his campaign was described in The Los Angeles Times as “really dirty politics.” That’s what we’ve seen from his campaign so far, so we must be ready to respond.

Will you please contribute $37.90 to help Kyrsten be ready to respond to the attacks we expect?

Kyrsten has never been afraid of a tough fight. She took on Russell Pearce’s anti-immigrant agenda in 2011, and helped defeat all five of his blatantly biased bills. She stood up to Governor Jan Brewer when she tried to take away insurance coverage from patients who need organ transplants.

And our third-place opponent literally cannot wait to launch more negative attacks. In fact, when his campaign manager heard about this new poll, he told the press, “It makes my day.”

With your help, we will be ready for him. Please contribute $37.90 today!

Holding fast,

Rodd McLeod
Campaign Strategist

Kyrsten Sinema for Congress