Kyrsten Sinema

Stand with Kyrsten


I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of the radical right’s war on women.

After listening to Rush Limbaugh’s disgusting and repeated smears of Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke last week, it’s more clear than ever that the right’s constant attacks on women are no coincidence. From the incessant drumbeat to defund women’s health programs at Planned Parenthood, to the Blunt Amendment that would have allowed any employer to deny women basic health care, radical conservatives have shown that they are determined to roll back women’s rights.

It’s never been clearer – electing strong women to office who will fight for us all MATTERS. Please support our campaign with contribution of $25, $50, or $100 and let the radical right know that we won’t stand for their attacks.

Calling a woman who had the courage to testify before Congress in defense of women’s health a “slut” is not simply a poor choice of words. It’s an insult to all women and it’s outside the mainstream. Our politics has been coarsened by bullies who try to shout down women for standing up for good health care coverage.

We need more advocates for women’s health in Washington, not fewer. Please stand with our campaign and help us send a message to Rush and the right that we won’t be pushed around.

Our health care is too important for vile rhetoric and baseless attacks.

Kyrsten Sinema for Congress