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We’re counting down the top ten moments of our campaign to rebuild the middle class. And we need you to talk to your friends and neighbors, tell theses stories and show them that the only way we can change Congress is by changing the people we send there.

We need you to volunteer and fight back against the huge out-of-state groups funneling millions into TV ads that attack us daily. Please call 480-526-7070 or visit our website to sign up right now!

Share these stories in the final days of this election. You can also share them by email or post them on your social media.

10. Sinema Wins August 28th Primary With Double Digit Lead
On August 28th, the Arizona Republic reported Sinema’s win in hard fought primary that began in January. Please share:

9. Young Voters Form Organization — “Students for Sinema”
Arizona State University and Maricopa Community Colleges are critical parts of our community. Sinema, a teacher at ASU for ten years, won the support and volunteerism of the student community. The State Press reported:

8. Sinema Gets Backing of National Labor Organizations, Job Creators
“Arizona’s working families are looking for leadership that can help rebuild our economy,” Rebekah Friend, Arizona AFL-CIO’s executive director, said in a written statement. [, March 21, 2012] Please share the full list of her endorsements:

7. Sinema Signs Pledge to Protect Social Security and Medicare at Tempe Retirement Community
On September 28, 2012, Sinema visited the retirement community Friendship Village, to pledge to protect Medicare and Social Security. Please share:

6. Team Sinema Knocks on 13,027 Doors for First Day of “Get Out the Vote”
Yesterday, we hit more than 13,000 doors and made 38,842 phone calls. We need to prove that this election will not be won by large corporations who buy sleazy TV ads. It will be won by hardworking people in our community like you. Please call 480-526-7070 to sign up right now!


Justin Unga
Communications Director

Kyrsten Sinema for Congress