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Top 5 Moments

We’re continuing our countdown of the top ten moments of our campaign to rebuild the middle class. Please scroll down to see the top five highlights that you’ve helped us achieve.

Top Five Moments — Please help us share these stories.

5. National Women’s Organizations Support Kyrsten Sinema for Congress
Because of her work to advance the role of women in politics and her leadership in the fight to protect women’s personal and private health care decisions, Kyrsten was endorsed by the most celebrated women’s rights organizations in the county.

4. The Arizona Republic Endorses Kyrsten Sinema
Following an editorial board interview with Sinema and her opponent Vernon Parker, the Arizona Republic stated that they endorsed Sinema because she “displays a lot more fire in the gut” and “she demonstrates more preparation and passion for the job ahead.”

3. Mayors of Phoenix and Tempe Join Police and Firefighters in endorsing Kyrsten Sinema for Congress
Because of her work with local communities in CD9 and her leadership in protecting AZ families, Kyrsten was endorsed by Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton, Tempe Mayor Mark Mitchell, City Council Members in Phoenix, Tempe and Mesa, as well as our state’s first responders.

2. Republican Stay-at-Home Mom, Amy Milliron’s article: Kyrsten Sinema Will Get Our Country Back on Track
Republican stay-at-home mom, Amy Milliron wrote to the Ahwatukee Foothills news about her support of Kyrsten. Amy and Kyrsten built a bipartisan coalition to advance a law that would protect breastfeeding mothers.

1. This moment
Our campaign has always been built by people like you. Unlike our opponent, we don’t have billion-dollar oil companies throwing their financial heft into this race for help. It was regular people like you who invested in us. And we used your investment to build the smartest campaign in Arizona–one that we’re proud of. Instead of filling our offices with expensive technology and nice furniture, we filled it with lots of people who come in early each morning with the thought of making the American Dream possible for everyone. Kyrsten is ready to take that dream to Congress.

Your contributions are what helped us get to this moment. The next 30 hours will be the most critical for this campaign. Will you contribute $25, $50, $100 to give Kyrsten that final push make this moment one for the history books?


Justin Unga
Communications Director

Kyrsten Sinema for Congress