Kyrsten Sinema

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Joint Statement from Schapira and Sinema

“We are calling on Andrei Cherny to stop his Karl Rove-styled attacks and asking him to join us in running an issue-focused campaign for the Democratic nomination in Congressional District 9. Mr. Cherny needs to understand that just saying something doesn’t make it true. We agree that despite Mr. Cherny’s public comments to the contrary, he is the only Democrat in this race running a negative campaign. Mr. Cherny has also said he would like to ‘run on ideas, issues and substance – not petty name-calling or gutter politics.’ We hope he will turn over a new leaf and live up to that ideal. Before Mr. Cherny can point the finger at anyone else, he must end his brand of sleazy campaigning and focus on the real issues. We expect to have a robust debate on those issues and on our records. We are committed to that endeavor and call on Mr. Cherny to join us.”

Background: So far this year, Cherny has distributed unsigned memos filled with false attacks on his opponents, distributed those false attack memos to right-wing publications (including the odious Washington Free Beacon), sent misleading emails attacking both of his primary opponents, and had his staff and surrogates tweet the articles his campaign has generated with these false attacks. One memo from Cherny’s campaign traffics in guilt by association and twists the words of his opponents. Mr. Cherny has even raised the issue of an opponent’s sexual orientation in meetings with potential supporters. Last week, he described his own ugly campaign ad as “fair” and “accurate.”

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