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Kyrsten Sinema Releases Statement on Primary Victory

Phoenix, AZ – Kyrsten Sinema, the Democratic nominee for Congress in Arizona’s 9th district, released the following statement upon learning of her victory tonight.

“Tonight we learned that people here in CD9 are ready for a change in Congress.

“I want to congratulate my opponents and their supporters on a hard-fought race. I know how hard they have worked and I respect the time and energy they’ve put into fighting for their beliefs. We have many beliefs in common, and first among them is that this Congress needs to change.

“That’s because there is a crowd in Congress who want to gut Medicare and send the bill to senior citizens. That is just plain wrong, and that’s why Congress has to change.

“Our families have been struggling in this economy for years, and Congress has failed to fix it. Instead, they want to dictate women’s birth control decisions. That’s why Congress has to change.

“I want to go to Congress to fight for the families who are the backbone of Arizona, and to rebuild our middle class—not reward millionaires and corporations with more tax cuts that explode our deficit.

“Arizonans have heard a lot of negative attacks against me during this campaign, and we are going to hear a lot worse. You are going to hear things about me that aren’t true. This is what has happened to our politics, and this win-at-all-costs mentality is damaging our democracy.

“But remember, whatever you hear, I will always be on the side of ordinary families who have been kicked around and held down by powerful forces that have damaged our country’s prosperity.

“Our campaign will be ready for the attacks. We will meet voters where they are and talk about my ideas to rebuild our middle class, and secure a real future for the next generation.

“I would like to humbly thank everyone who knocked on a door, made a phone call, made a contribution or cast a vote for our campaign. I deeply appreciate your belief in me and the values that we’ve stood up for, I will make you proud in Congress.”

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