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More Latino leaders endorse Sinema for Congress

Phoenix, AZ – Today, the long list of Latino leaders in support of Kyrsten Sinema’s campaign for Congress grew with the addition of Luz Sarmina, Roberto Reveles, Rosemary Ybarra Hernandez, Lydia Guzman, Carlos Galindo-Elvira and Napoleon Pisano. Together they are the current and former senior officers of Arizona’s most impactful leadership and civil rights organizations; Somos America, Chicanos por la Causa, Arizona Hispanic Community Forum, Valle del Sol, Respeto, and Aguila Youth Leadership Institute.

They join honored Latino leaders like Phoenix Attorney Danny Ortega, Phoenix City Councilor Daniel Valenzuela, Representative Anna Tovar, Tucson City Councilor Regina Romero, and former State Senator Rebecca Rios in supporting Sinema. (Full list of endorsements)

“Sinema began her career as a social worker and a student of the civil rights movement,” said Reveles, founding president of Somos America. “Working with families in the most economically distressed areas of CD9, she saw first hand how regressive policies could have a devastating effect on education and opportunity for our communities. That experience gave her the courage to take on the battles that stood to divide our state. In 2006, she was the first and most active legislator to step up and help us bring a presence to the capitol. She worked side-by side with Somos to ensure that our voices were heard by politicians that may have otherwise turned a blind eye to our community.”

Sinema later led the statewide opposition and helped defeat the notorious Ward Connerly initiative in 2008, an effort to prohibit anti-discrimination policies. In 2006, she led the campaign that defeated Arizona’s first marriage amendment proposition, which would codify discrimination into Arizona’s constitution.

“Congress needs a voice for all people,” said Sarmina, President of Strategic Initiatives and former CEO of Valle del Sol. “While other politicians pandered to the far-right on SB1070, Sinema became an unrelenting opponent, fighting SB1070 on the national stage. Our communities deserve a resolute fighter in Congress who has been on the right side of both a human and economic issue, even in the face of what is not popular. Without a doubt, that fighter is Kyrsten Sinema.”

“I’m incredibly honored to have the support of the leaders who I have had the privilege of working with and learning from throughout my career,” said Sinema. “The blood and sweat that they’ve put into our state is meant for the history books. Together they have forged a pathway to dignity and common respect for all people in our state. Today I am grateful but know that there is still much work to do our state. I hope to take their guidance with me throughout our campaign and into Congress.”

Kyrsten Sinema for Congress