Sinema: A Record of Accomplishment

If we are truly going to have a Congress that represents We the People, we need to change the people we send there. Kyrsten Sinema is the right kind of Democrat to represent us because she listens, and she genuinely cares about helping people.

Sinema stood up to Brewer on education, and she’ll stand up to Republicans in Congress who are trying to dictate to women about personal health care decisions like access to birth control—instead of creating jobs and getting our economy back on track.

She’ll work with both parties to move our country forward, like she worked with Republicans on jobs and veterans issues, but she also never backs down from her core progressive values—fighting for women and families, and standing up against the rich and powerful to be a voice for the forgotten middle class.


Due to Governor Jan Brewer’s drastic and irresponsible cuts in funding to our local schools, Arizona schools now rank among the lowest in the nation. Kyrsten Sinema knows that strong schools are the foundation of our future success and economic recovery. That’s why she is one of our state’s strongest and most consistent advocates for public education—she sponsored a bill to expand full-day kindergarten, and worked across the aisle to restore Jan Brewer’s devastating cuts to our local schools. Sinema believes that our children’s legacy is our responsibility.


As a social worker who has seen firsthand what happens to children who don’t have health care coverage, Kyrsten Sinema has been one of our state’s most outspoken champions for kids. She sponsored a bill that would provide up to five weeks of paid leave to care for a new baby or a sick family member. She led the charge in Arizona to require insurance companies to cover autism treatment for children. And when Republican legislators irresponsibly cut health care coverage for kids, it was Sinema who sounded the alarm, warning other leaders that Arizona stood to lose nearly $5 billion dollars in federal funds. As a result of Sinema’s strong leadership, the legislature reversed its decision, funding for Kids Care was restored and these tax dollars were kept in Arizona, rather than being diverted to another state.


Kyrsten Sinema believes that our country has a moral responsibility to do right by the men and women who serve America in our military. And she’s made a real difference, passing new laws making it easier and more affordable for returning veterans to get a college degree and helping military spouses get their Arizona business license to get back to work. And she helped ensure that fallen soldiers are buried with dignity—placing buffer zones around military burials to keep others from disrupting or exploiting them for their own political ends.


With Republicans in Congress today pushing to allow employers to deny coverage for basic women’s health care like birth control and opposing laws to help women receive equal pay for doing the same work as men, we need someone like Kyrsten Sinema in Congress, fighting for us. From passing a law that protects breast-feeding mothers from being charged with indecent exposure, to opposing laws that would allow certain employers to deny coverage for maternity benefits, to fighting for paid family leave—Sinema has always been a true advocate for fairness and equal treatment.