Kyrsten Sinema

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Sinema: A Record of Accomplishment

Looking out for veterans and military families.
Sinema grew up in a family with a proud history of military service so she knows firsthand the struggle military families face. She knows that we have a moral obligation to care for our veterans, and help them get good jobs and fair housing when they come home and rejoin the civilian workforce. Sinema is working to clear the backlog at Veterans Administration hospitals so that our vets get the health care which they earned serving our country.

Listening to and standing up for Arizona families.
Kyrsten believes that no person who is willing to work full time should have to live in poverty, that’s why she supports an increase in the minimum wage. She also supported the No Budget No Pay Act because Congress should not get paid unless they do their job and pass a budget. She has fought to protect Medicare and Social Security so that we keep our promises to seniors and allow them to retire with dignity.

Creating good jobs in Arizona.
Sinema works directly with Arizona businesses in order to listen to their concerns and help solve problems. She has pushed a bill to give tax breaks to companies that create high-tech, high-wage jobs. She is a strong supporter of our schools, community colleges and universities, so that Arizona will have the highly educated workforce we need to move our economy forward.

Standing up for women and their families.
Sinema stood up when some in Congress tried to allow employers to deny coverage for basic women’s health care like birth control. Sinema opposed the law, and believes that only a woman, her family, and her doctor should be allowed to decide what is best for her health. She took a lead role in fighting to re-authorize the Violence Against Women Act, which protects women from abuse and provides tools for law enforcement to crack down on abusers. She also supports legislation to ensure paycheck fairness and to expand the child-care tax credit so working families can afford quality childcare without being penalized.

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