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8 Ways To Get Involved

We’ve never seen energy like this in Arizona – people are so excited to help elect Kyrsten to the U.S. Senate. Even with all the excitement, we know this race isn’t going to be easy. We all have to do our part to win.

Here are 8 ways you can help right now:

1. Register to vote

Make sure you’re registered to vote and that your registration is up-to-date! The deadline to register is October 9.

2. Sign up for the Permanent Early Voter List

Join the Permanent Early Voter List and receive an early ballot by mail! This makes it easy and simple to vote – once you’ve completed your ballot just make sure to mail it back or drop it off at a polling location before 7PM on Election Day!

3. Sign up to volunteer

We’re ramping up our ground game so we can talk to even more Arizonans about how Kyrsten fights for families across our state. Join our team to get involved and help us Get Out The Vote!

4. Chip in what you can

Mega-donors and special interests are spending millions on false attacks against Kyrsten. We’re counting on grassroots contributions to help us fight back – chip in today.

5. Join our Social Media Rapid Response team

We need your help to share Kyrsten’s message online. Join our Social Media Rapid Response Team and get updates from the campaign!

6. Share your story about why this election matters to you

Let us know why this election matters to you — and why you’re on #TeamSinema.

7. Follow Kyrsten on social media

Don’t miss out on updates from the campaign trail and the latest news on the race. Follow Kyrsten on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

8. Commit to vote
by Election Day – and make sure your friends and family do too!

Everyone’s committing to vote! Make a plan to vote and make sure your voice is heard.

Kyrsten Sinema Accepts Debates, Invites Martha McSally to Join In Public Meeting

Kyrsten Sinema announced today that she has accepted two general election debates on October 15 and 16. Kyrsten invited Congresswoman Martha McSally to join her at these forums to discuss the issues important to Arizonans, such as the rising cost of health care. Last month, Kyrsten wrote to Congresswoman McSally, inviting her to a series of public debates.

Today Kyrsten issued this statement:

“There are real differences in this election and it’s time for voters to judge for themselves which approach is best. It’s time to debate. These debates should focus on the issues Arizonans care about most, not petty attacks and political distractions. I’ve asked each of the hosts to focus on the issues that matter to Arizona families, like making sure we can access affordable, quality health care. I look forward to meeting Congresswoman McSally on the debate stage.”

Kyrsten has accepted the following public, televised debates:

  • Monday, October 15 in Phoenix. Hosted by Arizona PBS and The Arizona Republic.

  • Tuesday, October 16 in Tucson. Hosted by Arizona Public Media.


Arizona Patients, Doctors, Providers Stand With Kyrsten: Campaign Launches Health Care Voters for Sinema

Sinema for Arizona today announced the launch of Health Care Voters for Sinema, a group of Arizona patients, doctors, providers, and patient advocates standing with Kyrsten in her campaign for the U.S. Senate. Health Care Voters for Sinema know Kyrsten can be trusted to work across the aisle to bring down Arizonans’ health care costs, protect their coverage, and fix our broken health care system.

When Kyrsten was growing up, her family struggled to make ends meet. For a time, they didn’t have health insurance. She knows firsthand that no child should go without a doctor and that no family should go bankrupt because of medical bills.

“Everywhere I go in our state, I hear the same thing: health care is too expensive and the benefits aren’t enough,” said Kyrsten.

“My own family struggled to get health care when I was growing up, so I know firsthand how difficult this is for Arizona families. That’s why I’m laser-focused on protecting what’s working for Arizonans–like making sure patients with pre-existing conditions can get the care they need– and also fixing what’s broken. I’m proud Arizonans are standing with me and I’m going to keep fighting for the affordable, quality coverage they need.”

Kyrsten has a record of working across the aisle to fix what’s broken and keep what’s working when it comes to health care, including:

Kyrsten will continue working to fix our broken health care system so more Arizonans can afford quality care. She will prioritize:

  • Ensuring access to affordable coverage for the 2.8 million Arizonans with pre-existing conditions;
  • Protecting Medicare and Arizona’s Medicaid expansion, called AHCCCS;
  • Opposing an “age tax” that would allow Arizonans over 50 to be charged up to five times more for coverage; and
  • Bringing down health care costs across the board for Arizona families and businesses.

Hear from the co-chairs of Health Care Voters for Sinema:

“I’m a brain aneurysm survivor. I depend on affordable coverage, so it’s absolutely critical to my life and to my family that our leaders are fighting for those of us with pre-existing conditions. Rep. McSally voted to eliminate protections for people like me who have pre-existing conditions, and that scares me. As our Congresswoman, Kyrsten stood up for my family and I know she will continue to look out for us in the U.S. Senate.”

– Lisa Blackhorse, Patient Co-Chair

“Kyrsten has always stood up for Arizonans, particularly those with pre-existing conditions. When others were voting to take away protections for those of us who have pre-existing conditions, Kyrsten stood with us. When others were voting to let insurance companies charge Arizonans over the age of 50 five times more for coverage, Kyrsten stood with us. When others were failing to protect KidsCare, Kyrsten stood with us. She has consistently fought for all Arizonans and our access to affordable and high-quality health care. That’s why we are standing with her.”

– Judy Keagy, Advocate Co-Chair

“Kyrsten understands the complex problems with our health care system and knows what it takes to fix them. In Congress, she has worked to bring people together and solve problems. She has spent years listening to Arizonans and taking action. Kyrsten is the Senator Arizonans will be able to count on to protect their care, bring down costs, and expand access.”

– Dr. Julie Kwatra, Provider Co-Chair


Learn more about Kyrsten’s health care priorities here.

Arizona Veterans Stand With Kyrsten: Campaign Launches Veterans for Sinema Coalition

Sinema for Arizona today announced the launch of Veterans for Sinema, a growing coalition of 30 Arizona veterans standing with Kyrsten in her campaign to serve Arizonans in the U.S. Senate. Veterans for Sinema will support Kyrsten’s campaign with outreach to veterans across the state, helping more Arizonans learn about Kyrsten’s proven record of fighting to make sure our veterans get the high-quality care and support they deserve.

Kyrsten comes from a military family, so standing up for our veterans is personal for her. Her older brother, a co-chair of Veterans for Sinema, is a Marine. Her younger brother is on active duty in the Navy. Kyrsten’s record of fighting to make sure veterans get the care and support they deserve includes passing laws to:

Kyrsten demanded accountability from VA leaders in light of the Phoenix VA scandal, which exposed catastrophic wait times. She went to work passing critical reforms to strengthen VA oversight and management to improve care for Arizona veterans.

Fulfilling our commitment to Arizona veterans has always been my highest priority, so I’m honored to have the support of Veterans for Sinema,” said Sinema. “I’ll never stop fighting to improve veterans’ health care, ensure veterans have access to quality education and good-paying jobs, and bring accountability and transparency to the VA.

In 2013, Kyrsten launched her Veterans Advisory Council, a group she has relied on throughout her time in Congress. The Council advises Kyrsten on veterans’ issues, helps her office connect veterans with care and community services, and provides feedback on legislation.

Kyrsten has been recognized for her work to get veterans the care and support they deserve. She was named a Collaborative Community Champion by the National Alliance on Mental Illness and the Arizona Council of Vietnam Veterans in 2016. She received the 2016 Arizona Vets Hall of Fame Copper Star Award. In 2018, Kyrsten received the 2018 Arthur T. Marix Congressional Leadership Award from the Military Officers Association of America.

Hear from the co-chairs of Veterans for Sinema:

“There’s only one woman in this race who has veterans’ backs, day in and day out. That’s my little sister Kyrsten. We’re launching Veterans for Sinema to spread the word. Come November, every Arizona veteran will know they can count on Kyrsten to fight for them. It’s easy to see why so many veterans are on Team Sinema.”

– Southern Arizona Co-Chair Paul Sheldon

“Any veteran who’s worked with Kyrsten will tell you she gets stuff done. When we learned about the crisis at the Phoenix VA, she was there with her sleeves rolled up, ready to get to work. And she works day in and day out to ensure every Arizona veteran receives the care he or she needs. No matter the challenge, Kyrsten will solve the problem. ”

– Central Arizona Co-Chair Vic Peterson

“Integrity is one of the Army’s core values. I’m leading Veterans for Sinema because Kyrsten’s integrity is beyond question. When it comes to issues important to veterans, you know exactly where she stands.”

– Northern Arizona Co-Chair Jake Goehl

Co-chairs of Veterans for Sinema:

Paul Sheldon, U.S. Marine Corps, Southern Arizona Co-chair
Vic Peterson, U.S. Air Force, Central Arizona Co-chair
Jake Goehl, U.S. Army, Northern Arizona Co-chair

Members of Veterans for Sinema:

Co-Chair Vic Peterson, Buckeye, U.S. Air Force
Co-Chair Paul Sheldon, Tucson, U.S. Marine Corps
Co-Chair Jake Goehl, Flagstaff, U.S. Army

Doug Allsworth, Phoenix, U.S. Marine Corps
Rep. Richard Andrade, Glendale, U.S. Air Force
Terry Araman, Phoenix, U.S. Army
Rita Brock-Perini, U.S. Air Force
Bryan Bouchard, Scottsdale, U.S. Air Force
Matt Capalby, Flagstaff, U.S. Coast Guard
Mark Cardenas, Phoenix, U.S. Army
Tom Coldwell, Scottsdale, U.S. Army
Gene Crego, Mesa, U.S. Marine Corps
Jeannine Dahl, Phoenix, U.S. Army
Tom Dickinson, Phoenix, U.S. Navy
Stevie Mae Douglas, Mesa, U.S. Army
Congressman Ruben Gallego, Phoenix, U.S. Marine Corps
Donna Gratehouse, Phoenix, U.S. Navy
Caleb Hayter, Phoenix, U.S. Army
Leo Hintz, Laveen, U.S. Air Force
Brett Hunt, Phoenix, U.S. Army
Jonathan Larkin, Phoenix, U.S. Marine Corps
Alexander Lofgren, Phoenix, U.S. Army
David Lucier, Tempe, U.S. Army
David Mcintyre, Oro Valley, U.S. Marine Corps
Serenity Eve Sells, U.S. Army
Tad Snidecor, Peoria, U.S. Marine Corps
Darryl Tattrie, Phoenix, U.S. Marine Corps
Rich Tattrie, Phoenix, U.S. Marine Corps
Jeff Weber, Phoenix, U.S. Army
Steve Weintraub, Phoenix, Marine Corps


FOR RELEASE: August 31, 2018

CONTACT: [email protected]

Joe Biden Endorses Kyrsten Sinema for U.S. Senate

Former Vice President Joe Biden today endorsed Kyrsten Sinema in her campaign for U.S. Senate. Biden hailed Sinema for her success working past party labels to get things done for Arizona families. In particular, the former Vice President praised Sinema for her work to expand protections for women and families across Arizona by helping to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act—a landmark law that Biden originally authored as a U.S. Senator.

Former Vice President Joe Biden issued the following statement:

“I am proud to support my friend Kyrsten Sinema in her campaign for Senate. Kyrsten understands the challenges and opportunities that Arizona families face every day and will make a great Senator.

I’ve seen first-hand how Kyrsten gets things done for Arizona. She was indispensable to our work to strengthen the landmark Violence Against Women Act and brought a unique perspective, having worked in communities and schools. Together with Kyrsten, we expanded protections against domestic abuse and sexual assault.

Kyrsten also cares deeply for the brave men and women who wear our nation’s uniform. From standing up for our active duty service members to her work to ensure all veterans get the care they deserve, Kyrsten is tenacious in delivering results.

Kyrsten is as hard-working and principled as they come. She has the rare ability to cut through the political games and work across the aisle to get things done. These qualities can be tough to find today, but are as important as ever to solve our nation’s toughest challenges. We need more people like Kyrsten in the U.S. Senate.”

Kyrsten Sinema issued the following statement:

“When I first got to Congress, I was proud to work alongside Vice President Biden to protect women and children from sexual abuse and domestic violence by strengthen the Violence Against Women Act. I am honored to have Vice President Biden as a partner in our fight to give everyday Arizonans a voice in the Senate.”

Kyrsten Sinema has always been a passionate advocate for women and families. Her long track record of advocacy began in high school when she volunteered as a rape crisis counselor. After college, she was a crisis counselor at a domestic violence shelter. Kyrsten turned her passion for advocacy into a career, becoming a social worker to help Arizonans through some of the challenges she faced growing up. Kyrsten worked with students and families in the largely immigrant and refugee community of Sunnyslope and in Phoenix public schools for a decade.

Her commitment to service led Kyrsten to the Arizona state legislature and to Congress. Through public service, Kyrsten could address the challenges she saw Arizona families face on a larger scale—by changing our laws and getting things done for everyday Arizonans.

In 2013, Kyrsten stood with Vice President Joe Biden and led bipartisan efforts to reauthorize and strengthen the Violence Against Women Act. This landmark reauthorization improved the criminal justice response to domestic violence and sexual abuse and helped survivors access the services they need to rebuild their lives. It also expanded protections for women in tribal communities, immigrants, and LGBT people.

Today, Kyrsten continues to be a champion for Arizona families. She recently worked across the aisle to pass the AMBER Alert in Indian Country Act, legislation that gives tribes the resources they need to utilize the AMBER Alert system to recover abducted Native American children.

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