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Kyrsten Sinema


Kyrsten Sinema Joins Univision for October 10th Debate

Kyrsten Sinema will attend the Univision candidate debate tonight, adding to two previously accepted debates with Arizona news outlets. The Univision debate, which Congresswoman McSally declined to attend, will be broadcast in front of a live audience at 5pm.

Kyrsten is showing up on Wednesday evening to discuss the real issues facing Arizona families. Today she issued the following statement:

“There is so much at stake in this election for Arizona families, and voters deserve to hear directly from the candidates for U.S. Senate. These Arizona debates will ensure voters in every community hear about the issues that matter, from protecting Medicare and Social Security to the rising cost of health care to ensuring a quality education for every Arizona kid. I look forward to discussing these issues and I encourage Congresswoman McSally to step up to the plate as well.”

Kyrsten has accepted the following public, televised debates:

  • Wednesday, October 10 in Phoenix. Hosted by Univision.
  • Monday, October 15 in Phoenix. Hosted by Arizona PBS and The Arizona Republic.
  • Tuesday, October 16 in Tucson. Hosted by Arizona Public Media.

Students for Sinema: Arizona Students Stand With Kyrsten

Sinema for Arizona today announced the launch of Students for Sinema, a coalition of Arizona students standing with Kyrsten in her campaign for the U.S. Senate. Kyrsten knows the power of education from her own life, and as a professor at ASU, Kyrsten hears from her students about rising costs of education and the challenges they face today. That’s why Kyrsten is fighting to make college and skills training more affordable, bring down the cost of student loans, and make quality education accessible for every Arizonan.

Kyrsten issued the following statement:

“I know from my own life that education is the key to opportunity. Every Arizona kid should have the same access to a good education that I did. I hear from my students about their struggles with student loan debt. These issues are personal for me, and I know that we can solve our challenges if we work together on finding solutions. I’m proud Arizona students are joining our campaign as we work to make education more affordable and accessible for all Arizonans who want to pursue their dreams.”

Kyrsten’s work to make sure all Arizonans have a quality education includes:

  • Partnering with Senator McCain to protect $3.5 billion in school funding for Arizona;
  • Voting to expand the Pell Grant program;
  • Addressing skyrocketing student loan costs as one of the first bills Kyrsten introduced in Congress;
  • Working across the aisle to invest in community colleges and support career and technical education;
  • Fighting to ensure students have more time to learn and educators spend less time teaching to the test;
  • Leading a bipartisan effort to better prepare Arizona teachers for demanding, high-needs classrooms; and
  • Securing in-state tuition for veterans at Arizona colleges and universities.

Hear from the co-chairs of Students for Sinema:

“Kyrsten is the Senator we need, and not just because she’s a proud Sun Devil. Kyrsten will fight for us and our future, while Congresswoman McSally is more concerned with saying whatever she has to just to get elected. Young people need to get involved and do everything we can to elect Kyrsten to the U.S. Senate because there is so much at stake in this election. I’m excited to make sure students at ASU and across Arizona know how hard Kyrsten Sinema fights for Arizonans.” 

— Jesse Avalos, Central Arizona Co-Chair & ASU Student

“Students in our state need to get engaged in this election because our future depends on it. Kyrsten Sinema knows what it’s like to work hard to achieve your dreams and struggle with student loans along the way because she has lived it herself. She’s gone through real struggles, and now she’s working to improve the system for all Arizonans. McSally, on the other hand, has proven she will say or do anything to get another job in Washington. That’s not the leader we need. That’s why—despite the fact that she’s a Sun Devil—U of A students are proud to stand with Kyrsten in this critical election.”

— Carlos Martinez, Southern Arizona Co-Chair & U of A Student


Seniors for Sinema: New Coalition of Arizonans 65+ Stand with Kyrsten

Sinema for Arizona today announced the launch of Seniors for Sinema, a coalition of older Arizonans who stand with Kyrsten in her campaign for the Senate. Arizona seniors support Kyrsten and are working in their communities to promote Kyrsten’s strong record of defending the health care, Medicare, and Social Security that Arizonans count on for a secure retirement.

Kyrsten issued this statement:

“After a lifetime of hard work, Arizonans deserve to retire with dignity. We must keep our promise to Arizona seniors. I’ll keep working to protect Medicare and Social Security, root out waste in the system, and make sure that seniors’ life savings are safe from financial fraud. Together we’re fighting to make sure Arizona’s seniors have a voice in the U.S. Senate.”

Kyrsten knows seniors count on the benefits they’ve earned over a lifetime of hard work. Unlike Congresswoman McSally, Kyrsten has voted against efforts to jeopardize Social Security and Medicare and raise the retirement age. Kyrsten worked across the aisle to:

  • Root out waste, fraud, and abuse in the system to improve Medicare and Social Security;
  • Oppose legislation that would lead to cuts to Medicare;
  • Provide Social Security recipients with a cost of living adjustment;
  • Ensure Medicare remains strong and dependable and protect Medicare Advantage;
  • Tackle the opioid crisis by reducing over prescribing among Medicare recipients;
  • And protect seniors’ hard earned savings from financial fraud and abuse through the Senior Safe Act.

Kyrsten has been endorsed by the Alliance for Retired Americans and the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare.

Hear from the co-chairs of Seniors for Sinema:

“Kyrsten understands the challenges Arizona seniors are facing, and she’s focused on delivering results for our state. She has worked across the aisle to preserve and protect Medicare, Social Security, and health care access. Kyrsten also successfully helped pass the Senior Safe Act, which protects Arizona seniors from financial fraud. Meanwhile, Martha McSally caved to political pressure, expressing support for Social Security privatization and voting to raise the retirement age. Kyrsten’s leadership has been steadfast, and that’s why the choice is clear: Arizona seniors need Kyrsten Sinema as our next senator. I’m proud to let other Arizona seniors know the facts in this election.”

 — Jack Lunsford, Seniors for Sinema Central Arizona Co-Chair 

“I turn on the TV these days and all I see are negative ads from Martha McSally. Instead of the lies and political games, what I’m concerned about is who fights for me and my family. That’s why I’m proud to to stand with Kyrsten in her campaign: she is focused on the issues, like protecting Medicare and Social Security, improving our health care system, and fighting for Arizonans. Kyrsten is a strong advocate for Arizona seniors, and I know she’ll fight for us in the U.S. Senate.”

 — Harriet Young, Seniors for Sinema Northern Arizona Co-Chair

“Martha McSally has failed Arizona seniors in Congress. While McSally was voting to turn Medicare into a voucher system and raise the retirement age for Social Security, Kyrsten Sinema was fighting for us. We depend on these benefits, and Kyrsten gets that. Kyrsten has worked across the aisle to protect and strengthen Medicare and Social Security. I know that she will be the Senator Arizona seniors can count on.”

— Tom McConnel, Seniors for Sinema Southern Arizona Co-Chair  

Kyrsten Sinema Endorsed by National Committee to Preserve Social Security & Medicare

The National Committee to Preserve Social Security & Medicare announced their endorsement of Kyrsten Sinema for U.S. Senate, citing her strong record of fighting for Arizona seniors. The endorsement is on behalf of NCPSSM’s members and supporters, including 32,000 in Arizona.

“Our members know they can count on Kyrsten Sinema. Kyrsten understands and supports the critical roles that Social Security and Medicare play in the retirement and health of our nation’s older citizens and their families. On the other hand, Congresswoman Martha McSally’s record—which includes voting to turn Medicare into a voucher program and raise the retirement age—speaks for itself. Congresswoman McSally has voted at the expense of Arizona seniors. The Senate needs Kyrsten’s independent-minded leadership on issues affecting the health and retirement security of all Americans.”

– NCPSSM President and CEO Max Richtman

Kyrsten issued this statement:

“Arizonans earn their Social Security and Medicare benefits through a lifetime of hard work. That’s why I’m grateful to stand with the National Committee to Preserve Social Security & Medicare as we work to give Arizona seniors a voice in the U.S. Senate. Older Arizonans count on these earned benefits for a secure and healthy retirement. That’s why I’m committed to standing up for Medicare and Social Security and fighting back against efforts to cut or weaken these critical benefits.”

Kyrsten has also been endorsed by the Alliance for Retired Americans in her campaign for the U.S. Senate.

7 Ways To Get Involved

We’ve never seen energy like this in Arizona – people are so excited to help elect Kyrsten to the U.S. Senate. Even with all the excitement, we know this race isn’t going to be easy. We all have to do our part to win.

Here are 7 ways you can help right now:

1. Sign up for the Permanent Early Voter List

Join the Permanent Early Voter List and receive an early ballot by mail! This makes it easy and simple to vote – once you’ve completed your ballot just make sure to mail it back or drop it off at a polling location before 7PM on Election Day!

2. Sign up to volunteer

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3. Chip in what you can

Mega-donors and special interests are spending millions on false attacks against Kyrsten. We’re counting on grassroots contributions to help us fight back – chip in today.

4. Join our Social Media Rapid Response team

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5. Share your story about why this election matters to you

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6. Follow Kyrsten on social media

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7. Commit to vote
by Election Day – and make sure your friends and family do too!

Everyone’s committing to vote! Make a plan to vote and make sure your voice is heard.

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