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Kyrsten Sinema

Fixing a dysfunctional Washington

Arizonans know Washington is dysfunctional. Too many politicians are more concerned about the next election than doing what’s best for everyday people. Many think the rules we all follow don’t apply to them.

Not Kyrsten.

Kyrsten was ranked the third most independent member of Congress. Kyrsten supports the No Budget, No Pay bill that says if Congress doesn’t pass a budget, they shouldn’t get paid. She voted against her own pay raise and cosponsored legislation to dock pay for members of Congress who engage in bad behavior.

She also worked across the aisle to introduce the Cut The Perks Act, a bill that holds political appointees accountable for misusing taxpayer dollars and requires them to pay back illegally spent funds.

Arizonans know neither party is right all the time and Congress needs to work together to get things done. We believe that delivering results is more important than scoring political points. That’s why Kyrsten will work with anyone regardless of party who’s serious about getting things done for everyday Arizonans.

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