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Kyrsten Sinema

Quality, affordable health care for all Arizonans

Growing up, Kyrsten’s family struggled to make ends meet and, for a while, they didn’t have health insurance. That experience helped shape Kyrsten’s belief that no child should ever go without a doctor, and no family should be forced to choose between getting the care they need and paying their bills. It’s why she voted against health care repeal that would have stripped coverage from hundreds of thousands of Arizonans, sent premiums skyrocketing for older patients and those with pre–existing conditions, and cut billions in funding from AHCCCS, worsening the opioid epidemic in Arizona.

Kyrsten knows our health care system is broken, but she believes we should work together to fix the problems not simply repeal everything without real solutions.

Kyrsten is committed to making sure Arizonans have access to more health care choices, low–cost prescription drugs, and high–quality, dependable coverage.  As one of the most independent–minded members of Congress, she’s committed to working with anyone regardless of party to get it done.

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