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Kyrsten Sinema

Keeping Arizona families safe

Kyrsten knows there’s nothing more important than keeping Arizona families safe. That’s why she’s worked to keep our military strong and fully funded, pushed for aggressive action to defeat ISIS and other overseas threats, and supported law enforcement here at home.

Kyrsten believes we need a strong, smart strategy to defeat terrorism. That means destroying terrorists abroad and stopping terrorists from entering our country. Kyrsten has fought to cut off terrorist groups from the illicit revenue they count on. She has passed laws to make sure the United States has an effective plan to keep money out of the hands of terrorists and to cut off oil revenue to ISIS.

Arizona has a proud military tradition, and servicemembers and veterans are a vital part of our communities. That’s why Kyrsten has worked to save military jobs here in Arizona and voted to increase funding for our military bases and give servicemembers a pay raise. In the Senate, she’ll continue working to ensure our troops have everything they need to keep us safe and free.

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