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return of the Jedi?

April 4th, 2014


The return of the Dark Lord > the return of dark money. At least Darth Vader was entertaining.

There’s nothing redeeming about the mega-wealthy spending billions to drown out your voice in our elections.

But in the Supreme Court’s ruling on McCutcheon v. FEC this week, we got a terrible sequel to Citizens United – the court ruling that opened the floodgates to Super PACs spending whatever they want to buy elections.

McCutcheon makes it even worse!

Big-time donors were once limited on the total amount they could give in a cycle. Not any more. This could completely undermine our democracy.

Where the Court’s gotten us off track, we need to get this right: Join with me in demanding – now – Congress get unlimited money out of our elections.

Click here to speak out right away and stop billionaires from spending unlimited amounts to buy elections.

This is not good. In fact, it’s horrifying.

According to ThinkProgress, this ruling “legalized money laundering by rich campaign donors.” If we don’t speak out and do something, no one will.

Our elections can’t be about special interests. They should be about your interests.

The Court’s made it hard here, but we can’t stop fighting. We’ve got to take this to Washington with urgency and demand action now.

Add your voice! Tell Congress to keep billionaires from unchecked spending to buy races.

The good guys prevail in “Star Wars,” but our story isn’t yet written. Lightsabers or no, I need you here.




March 31st, 2014


I wouldn’t be writing at dinnertime – no way – unless it was important. But it is and I need your help.

Our first FEC deadline of the election year is in just a few hours, and we still need to raise $3,374. This is the biggest one yet, especially because out-of-state GOP groups have picked up the attacks with radio attack ads and a fake ‘Sinema for Congress’ website – and it’s only going to get worse.

Now’s our chance to show them we’re ready. Even $5 from you will help.

Click here to donate $5 or more to help us make our first FEC deadline of the election year and show the national groups we’re not backing down.

I can’t say enough about how grateful I am for your support, so I’ll keep it simple and let you get back to your meal: Thank you.


done for the year?

March 31st, 2014


I know you’re getting loads of email from our team, and I hope you know I wouldn’t be asking again if it weren’t important. That’s the thing; it is – especially because we’re facing the first FEC deadline of the election year.

Tim just texted to tell me where we are against the budget: $10,841 shy. With only 14 hours until the FEC deadline, no gift you could give to help us make it is too small – every one is just that, a gift. Please take a moment to contribute now before this critical deadline.

Click here to donate $5 or more by midnight – in 14 hours – to help us win and get Washington working for you.

I can’t tell you how much it means to me that we’re in this together.

Thank you,



March 11th, 2014



Onomatopoeias are fun, but when you break this one down to its elements – Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program – it’s anything but. Especially when we could lift 64,000 Arizonans out of poverty and off SNAP by raising the minimum wage.

My ASU students would get this (not to get all proud, but they balanced the federal budget and reduced the deficit in less than a semester), but Congress needs it spelled out: If people have a chance to work and earn a fair wage, they won’t need assistance.

No one who works full time should live in poverty. Period. Let’s grow the middle class. Let’s increase the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour, changing the lives of millions of families.

Join me and my Democratic colleagues in the House in urging Congress to lift the federal minimum wage now!

Click here to add your voice now: It’s time to lift the minimum wage to boost our economy and help Arizonans and Americans make ends meet.

When I was a kid, my family went through tough times. At one point, home was an abandoned gas station and at multiple points in my childhood we relied on SNAP for food.

Single moms and dads who work full-time don’t earn enough to provide for their kids without assistance. That’s messed up.

A $10.10 minimum wage would change families’ lives and save Arizona $89.2 million in annual SNAP payments. Hardworking men and women would receive the security and satisfaction of buying the food for their family’s table – themselves.

We need to give them that, especially when that policy will boost our economy and bring new customers into our small businesses.

It’s time for Washington to act.

Tell Congress to increase the minimum wage now!

Thank you so much for fighting for families in Arizona and across the country,