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Kyrsten SinemaKyrsten Sinema isn’t like most politicians. She gets it, and gets it done.

Kyrsten grew up in an Arizona where if you worked hard and played by the rules, you could succeed. Her life story is one of overcoming obstacles and poverty to help others help themselves.

She knows what is like to go to bed hungry and do without basic needs. As a child, her father lost his job, her family became homeless and they lived  in an abandoned gas station for almost three years without electricity or running water. That didn’t stop Kyrsten. She worked hard, earned a full academic scholarship to college and graduated early with honors. While she succeeded in school, she never forgot where she came from and the educational opportunities she received.

After college, she became a social worker in the low-income Phoenix community of Sunnyslope. She soon realized that the problems families came to her with – poverty, homelessness, job loss, abuse – were common to so many families, and that solving these problems meant thinking bigger than one family at a time.

So Kyrsten went back to school and started working at the grassroots level to help people access our leaders and talk about their needs. Because she believes that everyone should get the same shot and that the system should not favor those at the very top, she ran for the state legislature and won. She served in the State House for six years and the State Senate for one year. She also earned her Masters in Social Work, law degree and Ph.D. from Arizona State University, where she continues to teach graduate level courses in the School of Social Work. In 2012, Sinema was elected to the United States House of Representatives from the Ninth District of Arizona.
In Congress, Kyrsten has worked to help Arizonans by standing up for veterans and military families, listening to and standing up for the middle-class, working to create good jobs and grow our economy, and speaking out for women and their families.

Congress is partisan and gridlocked, so Kyrsten went to Washington to fix our broken system and put an end to the fighting and finger-pointing. She kept her promise to support the No Budget, No Pay Act and voted against raising her own pay.

She will work with anyone to get things done for middle-class families and those working to join the middle class. That’s why she is a co-founder of the United Solutions Caucus, a bipartisan group of 40 freshmen who are focused on finding common sense solutions to balance the budget and cut government waste, fraud and abuse.

Kyrsten understands that people are struggling trying to keep their heads above water and do right by their families in a tough economy. She says that politicians in Washington have made it harder for middle class families to get ahead and made it harder for families to make it to the middle class. That’s why she is working to help small businesses grow and create jobs, and protecting Social Security and Medicare from reckless plans to cut them.

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