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Kyrsten Sinema


“Martha McSally: If she’ll lie just to get elected, she’ll lie about anything.”

With the centerpiece of Martha McSally’s campaign declared “mostly false” by independent fact checkers, McSally and her Washington allies are trying to change the subject and mislead voters about Kyrsten’s history of standing up for women and children.

McSally, her campaign, and her allies continue to lie about Kyrsten and her record:

  • An independent fact checker said, “we didn’t find evidence that Sinema denigrated the service of military members, as McSally’s ad claimed.” Arizonans have called the ad a “disgrace” and “shameful,” with one resident saying they are “thoroughly disgusted with Martha McSally’s political ads.”
  • McSally’s campaign is lying about Kyrsten’s support for Luke Air Force Base – ignoring facts about how Kyrsten voted as recently as this week for millions of dollars in funding for Luke Air Force Base.
  • And the latest shameful attempt to smear Kyrsten’s record obscures the facts, failing to demonstrate that Kyrsten voted for harsh penalties for predators.

The truth is that Martha McSally will lie about anything to distract from her dangerous record of voting to raise premiums, eliminate protections for pre-existing conditions, and jeopardize Medicare and Social Security.