7 Ways To Get Involved | Sinema for Arizona
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Kyrsten Sinema

7 Ways To Get Involved

We’ve never seen energy like this in Arizona – people are so excited to help elect Kyrsten to the U.S. Senate. Even with all the excitement, we know this race isn’t going to be easy. We all have to do our part to win.

Here are 7 ways you can help right now:

1. Sign up for the Permanent Early Voter List

Join the Permanent Early Voter List and receive an early ballot by mail! This makes it easy and simple to vote – once you’ve completed your ballot just make sure to mail it back or drop it off at a polling location before 7PM on Election Day!

2. Sign up to volunteer

We’re ramping up our ground game so we can talk to even more Arizonans about how Kyrsten fights for families across our state. Join our team to get involved and help us Get Out The Vote!

3. Chip in what you can

Mega-donors and special interests are spending millions on false attacks against Kyrsten. We’re counting on grassroots contributions to help us fight back – chip in today.

4. Join our Social Media Rapid Response team

We need your help to share Kyrsten’s message online. Join our Social Media Rapid Response Team and get updates from the campaign!

5. Share your story about why this election matters to you

Let us know why this election matters to you — and why you’re on #TeamSinema.

6. Follow Kyrsten on social media

Don’t miss out on updates from the campaign trail and the latest news on the race. Follow Kyrsten on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

7. Commit to vote
by Election Day – and make sure your friends and family do too!

Everyone’s committing to vote! Make a plan to vote and make sure your voice is heard.