Alliance for Retired Americans Endorses Kyrsten Sinema | Sinema for Arizona
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Kyrsten Sinema

Alliance for Retired Americans Endorses Kyrsten Sinema

ARA applauds Kyrsten’s strong record of fighting for Arizona’s seniors

The Alliance for Retired Americans today announced their endorsement of Kyrsten Sinema for U.S. Senate for her tireless efforts on behalf of Arizona’s seniors. Kyrsten knows that, after a lifetime of hard work, Arizonans deserve to retire with dignity. That’s why she fights to protect Medicare and Social Security and has stopped partisan efforts to raise the retirement age. Earlier this year, President Trump signed into law a bill that Kyrsten wrote to protect seniors’ hard-earned savings from financial fraud and abuse.

Kyrsten issued the following statement:

“Medicare and Social Security are benefits earned through a lifetime of hard work. I’ve opposed budget cuts to Social Security and stood up for Medicare, helping root out waste, fraud, and abuse to make it work better. Arizonans know that I’ll keep up the fight to protect these benefits for current seniors and future generations.”

“Kyrsten has been a tireless advocate for Arizona seniors and has been an indispensable ally in Congress. Unlike Congresswoman McSally, Kyrsten voted against raising the retirement age and fought to protect Medicare and Social Security for seniors today and in the future. Congresswoman McSally has voted to undermine Social Security, Medicare, and the retirement security that Arizonans count on. Kyrsten will fight to protect the benefits seniors have earned over a lifetime of hard work.”

– Doug Hart, President of the Arizona Alliance for Retired Americans

Congresswoman McSally has consistently voted to undermine the Medicare and Social Security benefits that Arizonans count on. She has supported privatizing Social Security, raising the retirement age to make Arizonans work longer, and turning Medicare into a voucher system in a bid to change Medicare as we know it.