Arizona Patients, Doctors, Providers Stand With Kyrsten: Campaign Launches Health Care Voters for Sinema | Sinema for Arizona
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Kyrsten Sinema

Arizona Patients, Doctors, Providers Stand With Kyrsten: Campaign Launches Health Care Voters for Sinema

Sinema for Arizona today announced the launch of Health Care Voters for Sinema, a group of Arizona patients, doctors, providers, and patient advocates standing with Kyrsten in her campaign for the U.S. Senate. Health Care Voters for Sinema know Kyrsten can be trusted to work across the aisle to bring down Arizonans’ health care costs, protect their coverage, and fix our broken health care system.

When Kyrsten was growing up, her family struggled to make ends meet. For a time, they didn’t have health insurance. She knows firsthand that no child should go without a doctor and that no family should go bankrupt because of medical bills.

“Everywhere I go in our state, I hear the same thing: health care is too expensive and the benefits aren’t enough,” said Kyrsten.

“My own family struggled to get health care when I was growing up, so I know firsthand how difficult this is for Arizona families. That’s why I’m laser-focused on protecting what’s working for Arizonans–like making sure patients with pre-existing conditions can get the care they need– and also fixing what’s broken. I’m proud Arizonans are standing with me and I’m going to keep fighting for the affordable, quality coverage they need.”

Kyrsten has a record of working across the aisle to fix what’s broken and keep what’s working when it comes to health care, including:

Kyrsten will continue working to fix our broken health care system so more Arizonans can afford quality care. She will prioritize:

  • Ensuring access to affordable coverage for the 2.8 million Arizonans with pre-existing conditions;
  • Protecting Medicare and Arizona’s Medicaid expansion, called AHCCCS;
  • Opposing an “age tax” that would allow Arizonans over 50 to be charged up to five times more for coverage; and
  • Bringing down health care costs across the board for Arizona families and businesses.

Hear from the co-chairs of Health Care Voters for Sinema:

“I’m a brain aneurysm survivor. I depend on affordable coverage, so it’s absolutely critical to my life and to my family that our leaders are fighting for those of us with pre-existing conditions. Rep. McSally voted to eliminate protections for people like me who have pre-existing conditions, and that scares me. As our Congresswoman, Kyrsten stood up for my family and I know she will continue to look out for us in the U.S. Senate.”

– Lisa Blackhorse, Patient Co-Chair

“Kyrsten has always stood up for Arizonans, particularly those with pre-existing conditions. When others were voting to take away protections for those of us who have pre-existing conditions, Kyrsten stood with us. When others were voting to let insurance companies charge Arizonans over the age of 50 five times more for coverage, Kyrsten stood with us. When others were failing to protect KidsCare, Kyrsten stood with us. She has consistently fought for all Arizonans and our access to affordable and high-quality health care. That’s why we are standing with her.”

– Judy Keagy, Advocate Co-Chair

“Kyrsten understands the complex problems with our health care system and knows what it takes to fix them. In Congress, she has worked to bring people together and solve problems. She has spent years listening to Arizonans and taking action. Kyrsten is the Senator Arizonans will be able to count on to protect their care, bring down costs, and expand access.”

– Dr. Julie Kwatra, Provider Co-Chair


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