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Kyrsten Sinema

Kyrsten Files Signatures To Get on U.S. Senate Ballot

We’re on the ballot!

This week, Kyrsten filed more than 10,000 petition signatures to officially get on the ballot for U.S. Senate.

Kyrsten launched this campaign to fight for our shared Arizona values and make sure everyone gets his or her shot at the American Dream. She was joined at the filing by Arizonans who embody what this campaign is all about: fighting for our Arizona values and standing up for everyday families.

“Why I’m Standing with Kyrsten”

Arizonans shared personal stories of why they are standing with Kyrsten in her campaign for Senate.

“Kyrsten never backs down from a fight, and I’m proud to stand alongside her in her campaign for Senate. Kyrsten gets things done for veterans and will give Arizonans an independent voice in the Senate.”

David Lucier, Advocate for Veterans 


“Kyrsten has spent years fighting for survivors of abuse and trafficking and she will bring those same values and commitment to her work in the U.S. Senate. From her first job as a rape crisis counselor at a domestic violence shelter, to her work as a social worker in Arizona schools, to her fight to increase penalties on traffickers, Kyrsten has always been a fierce advocate for women and kids across Arizona.”

— Christina Martinez, Advocate Against Domestic and Sexual Violence


“Kyrsten knows Dreamers are vital to communities across Arizona. I’m thankful for her leadership and her tireless commitment to securing a solution for Dreamers. In the Senate, Kyrsten will be a voice for every Arizonan.”

Alvaro, Arizona student, Dreamer


“Since her years as a social worker in Arizona schools, Kyrsten has always been a voice for Arizona women and families. Kyrsten is a tireless leader, and women and families across Arizona can count on her to get things done in the U.S. Senate.”

Jodi Liggett, Women’s Health Advocate


“We can always count on Kyrsten to fight for Arizona seniors. Kyrsten will defend Medicare and Social Security, which we’ve all earned through a lifetime of hard work. Seniors across Arizona are proud to stand with Kyrsten, just like she always stands with us.”

— Vic Peterson, Advocate for Veterans, Seniors


“I’m honored to be with my sister, Kyrsten, as she gets her name on the ballot for the U.S. Senate. Kyrsten has spent her career making sure everyone gets their shot at the American Dream, and I’m especially thankful for all the work she does for veterans.”

— Paul Sheldon, Tucson Law Enforcement Officer


“I appreciate Kyrsten’s support of Arizona’s independent businesses. She knows how many jobs we create, and how important we are to Arizona’s economy. For years now, I have watched her support local shops, and I know that she will continue to support Arizona and be a voice for Arizona’s small businesses in the United States Senate.”

Bill Sandweg, Phoenix Small Business Owner



“I am so proud of Kyrsten and thankful for her work to show every child what it looks like to be a leader and to give back to your community.”

— Krista Pacion, Local Parent


Kyrsten is running for Senate to cut through the chaos in Washington and get things done for everyday people. We’re building a statewide campaign to win.

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