Sinema Campaign Launches First TV Ad | Sinema for Arizona
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Kyrsten Sinema

Sinema Campaign Launches First TV Ad

New Ad Running Statewide Highlights Kyrsten’s Independent Voice, Support for Veterans and Law Enforcement

Kyrsten Sinema’s campaign for Senate today announced the launch of its first TV ad of the cycle. The ad, titled “Paul,” features Kyrsten’s brother, a retired Marine and Tucson police officer. It highlights Kyrsten’s record as an independent voice for Arizona and her strong history of support for Arizona veterans and law enforcement. The ad begins airing April 9 and will be broadcast statewide.

“Kyrsten is an independent voice who gets things done for Arizona,” said Andrew Piatt, campaign manager for Sinema for Arizona. “While Washington is mired in dysfunction, Kyrsten works across the aisle to stand up for veterans, protect our access to health care, and ensure businesses can create jobs right here in Arizona.”

WATCH: “Paul

Kyrsten Sinema’s campaign for Senate is powered by her passion for delivering results and getting things done for Arizona. Kyrsten knows firsthand the challenges everyday families face. Born in Tucson, Kyrsten faced tough times as a kid, but she learned the power of hard work and the importance of helping others. Consistently ranked as one of the most independent members of Congress, Kyrsten is running to serve as an independent voice for Arizona in the Senate and to deliver for everyday Arizonans by helping veterans get the benefits they’ve earned, expanding access to quality, affordable health care, creating good-paying jobs for Arizonans, and keeping Americans safe at home and abroad.

For more details about the ad, click here.


Paul Sheldon: I’m a police officer. She’s my little sis.

Kyrsten Sinema: And he’s my big bad Marine brother.

Paul: We used to fight like cats and dogs as kids.

Kyrsten: Not so much any more

Paul: Clearly, she’s real headstrong

Kyrsten: I call it being independent

Paul: She fights for us veterans and is a friend to law enforcement.

Kyrsten: We’re a family of doers.

Paul: That’s why she’s running for the Senate.

Kyrsten: I bring people together because that’s how you get stuff done. I’m Kyrsten Sinema. I approve this message.

Paul: And so does her big bro.