Students for Sinema: Arizona Students Stand With Kyrsten | Sinema for Arizona
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Kyrsten Sinema

Students for Sinema: Arizona Students Stand With Kyrsten

Sinema for Arizona today announced the launch of Students for Sinema, a coalition of Arizona students standing with Kyrsten in her campaign for the U.S. Senate. Kyrsten knows the power of education from her own life, and as a professor at ASU, Kyrsten hears from her students about rising costs of education and the challenges they face today. That’s why Kyrsten is fighting to make college and skills training more affordable, bring down the cost of student loans, and make quality education accessible for every Arizonan.

Kyrsten issued the following statement:

“I know from my own life that education is the key to opportunity. Every Arizona kid should have the same access to a good education that I did. I hear from my students about their struggles with student loan debt. These issues are personal for me, and I know that we can solve our challenges if we work together on finding solutions. I’m proud Arizona students are joining our campaign as we work to make education more affordable and accessible for all Arizonans who want to pursue their dreams.”

Kyrsten’s work to make sure all Arizonans have a quality education includes:

  • Partnering with Senator McCain to protect $3.5 billion in school funding for Arizona;
  • Voting to expand the Pell Grant program;
  • Addressing skyrocketing student loan costs as one of the first bills Kyrsten introduced in Congress;
  • Working across the aisle to invest in community colleges and support career and technical education;
  • Fighting to ensure students have more time to learn and educators spend less time teaching to the test;
  • Leading a bipartisan effort to better prepare Arizona teachers for demanding, high-needs classrooms; and
  • Securing in-state tuition for veterans at Arizona colleges and universities.

Hear from the co-chairs of Students for Sinema:

“Kyrsten is the Senator we need, and not just because she’s a proud Sun Devil. Kyrsten will fight for us and our future, while Congresswoman McSally is more concerned with saying whatever she has to just to get elected. Young people need to get involved and do everything we can to elect Kyrsten to the U.S. Senate because there is so much at stake in this election. I’m excited to make sure students at ASU and across Arizona know how hard Kyrsten Sinema fights for Arizonans.” 

— Jesse Avalos, Central Arizona Co-Chair & ASU Student

“Students in our state need to get engaged in this election because our future depends on it. Kyrsten Sinema knows what it’s like to work hard to achieve your dreams and struggle with student loans along the way because she has lived it herself. She’s gone through real struggles, and now she’s working to improve the system for all Arizonans. McSally, on the other hand, has proven she will say or do anything to get another job in Washington. That’s not the leader we need. That’s why—despite the fact that she’s a Sun Devil—U of A students are proud to stand with Kyrsten in this critical election.”

— Carlos Martinez, Southern Arizona Co-Chair & U of A Student