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Kyrsten Sinema

Arizona Veterans Stand With Kyrsten: Campaign Launches Veterans for Sinema Coalition

Sinema for Arizona today announced the launch of Veterans for Sinema, a growing coalition of 30 Arizona veterans standing with Kyrsten in her campaign to serve Arizonans in the U.S. Senate. Veterans for Sinema will support Kyrsten’s campaign with outreach to veterans across the state, helping more Arizonans learn about Kyrsten’s proven record of fighting to make sure our veterans get the high-quality care and support they deserve.

Kyrsten comes from a military family, so standing up for our veterans is personal for her. Her older brother, a co-chair of Veterans for Sinema, is a Marine. Her younger brother is on active duty in the Navy. Kyrsten’s record of fighting to make sure veterans get the care and support they deserve includes passing laws to:

Kyrsten demanded accountability from VA leaders in light of the Phoenix VA scandal, which exposed catastrophic wait times. She went to work passing critical reforms to strengthen VA oversight and management to improve care for Arizona veterans.

Fulfilling our commitment to Arizona veterans has always been my highest priority, so I’m honored to have the support of Veterans for Sinema,” said Sinema. “I’ll never stop fighting to improve veterans’ health care, ensure veterans have access to quality education and good-paying jobs, and bring accountability and transparency to the VA.

In 2013, Kyrsten launched her Veterans Advisory Council, a group she has relied on throughout her time in Congress. The Council advises Kyrsten on veterans’ issues, helps her office connect veterans with care and community services, and provides feedback on legislation.

Kyrsten has been recognized for her work to get veterans the care and support they deserve. She was named a Collaborative Community Champion by the National Alliance on Mental Illness and the Arizona Council of Vietnam Veterans in 2016. She received the 2016 Arizona Vets Hall of Fame Copper Star Award. In 2018, Kyrsten received the 2018 Arthur T. Marix Congressional Leadership Award from the Military Officers Association of America.

Hear from the co-chairs of Veterans for Sinema:

“There’s only one woman in this race who has veterans’ backs, day in and day out. That’s my little sister Kyrsten. We’re launching Veterans for Sinema to spread the word. Come November, every Arizona veteran will know they can count on Kyrsten to fight for them. It’s easy to see why so many veterans are on Team Sinema.”

– Paul Sheldon, Southern Arizona Co-Chair

“Any veteran who’s worked with Kyrsten will tell you she gets stuff done. When we learned about the crisis at the Phoenix VA, she was there with her sleeves rolled up, ready to get to work. And she works day in and day out to ensure every Arizona veteran receives the care he or she needs. No matter the challenge, Kyrsten will solve the problem. ”

– Vic Peterson, Central Arizona Co-Chair

“Integrity is one of the Army’s core values. I’m leading Veterans for Sinema because Kyrsten’s integrity is beyond question. When it comes to issues important to veterans, you know exactly where she stands.”

– Jake Goehl, Northern Arizona Co-Chair

Co-chairs of Veterans for Sinema:

Paul Sheldon, U.S. Marine Corps, Southern Arizona Co-chair
Vic Peterson, U.S. Air Force, Central Arizona Co-chair
Jake Goehl, U.S. Army, Northern Arizona Co-chair

Members of Veterans for Sinema:

Co-Chair Vic Peterson, Buckeye, U.S. Air Force
Co-Chair Paul Sheldon, Tucson, U.S. Marine Corps
Co-Chair Jake Goehl, Flagstaff, U.S. Army

Doug Allsworth, Phoenix, U.S. Marine Corps
Rep. Richard Andrade, Glendale, U.S. Air Force
Terry Araman, Phoenix, U.S. Army
Rita Brock-Perini, U.S. Air Force
Bryan Bouchard, Scottsdale, U.S. Air Force
Matt Capalby, Flagstaff, U.S. Coast Guard
Mark Cardenas, Phoenix, U.S. Army
Tom Coldwell, Scottsdale, U.S. Army
Gene Crego, Mesa, U.S. Marine Corps
Jeannine Dahl, Phoenix, U.S. Army
Tom Dickinson, Phoenix, U.S. Navy
Stevie Mae Douglas, Mesa, U.S. Army
Congressman Ruben Gallego, Phoenix, U.S. Marine Corps
Donna Gratehouse, Phoenix, U.S. Navy
Caleb Hayter, Phoenix, U.S. Army
Leo Hintz, Laveen, U.S. Air Force
Brett Hunt, Phoenix, U.S. Army
Jonathan Larkin, Phoenix, U.S. Marine Corps
Alexander Lofgren, Phoenix, U.S. Army
David Lucier, Tempe, U.S. Army
David Mcintyre, Oro Valley, U.S. Marine Corps
Serenity Eve Sells, U.S. Army
Tad Snidecor, Peoria, U.S. Marine Corps
Darryl Tattrie, Phoenix, U.S. Marine Corps
Rich Tattrie, Phoenix, U.S. Marine Corps
Jeff Weber, Phoenix, U.S. Army
Steve Weintraub, Phoenix, Marine Corps


FOR RELEASE: August 31, 2018

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