Kyrsten On McSally Saying Arizonans’ Health Care Doesn’t Matter: “Disqualifying” | Sinema for Arizona
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Kyrsten Sinema

Kyrsten On McSally Saying Arizonans’ Health Care Doesn’t Matter: “Disqualifying”

WATCH: McSally in response to questions about her misleading ad: “Dennis, can we please talk about the things that matter to most voters?”

PHOENIX –  Under pressure for her new TV ad that inaccurately claims she supports protections for pre-existing conditions, Congresswoman Martha McSally today told reporters to “talk about issues that matter to most voters” in an effort to distract from her record of voting to jeopardize Arizonans’ health care.

Kyrsten issued the following statement on Congresswoman McSally’s admission that she doesn’t think Arizonans’ health care matters.

“I listen to Arizonans, and they tell me health care is what they are most worried about. Affordable health coverage, including the pre-existing conditions protections that Congresswoman McSally voted against, couldn’t be more important to Arizona families. Congresswoman McSally tried and failed to lie about her position today, and when she was caught, she told Arizonans to our faces that she doesn’t think health care matters. That’s disqualifying.”